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Tours We are brothers to Antares Indomita Patagonia, an adventure tour company that offers trekking and Kayaking at Torres del Paine, Calafate and Chalten programs since 1996. The development of our programs and services are located on the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia. We offer different types of programs which combine mountain biking, horseback riding and kayaking in the fiords and rivers. Our trips are designed for tourists interested in activities and adventure which incorporate a serious concern on safety, with the use of the highest quality equipment and professional tour guides. We make an effort to create the concept of “contemplation activity” of the nature that surrounds us.



The Coffeemaker The coffee-bar in the most beautiful place in the planet. In Puerto Natales at the Kau Patagonia you may enjoy and exquisite coffee and in the afternoon we open the Bar with our menu of wines, beers and aperitifs.




Breakfasts  Our breakfasts are specially thought to start the day well.








Telephone/Fax Long distance and cell phone calls are charged aside.








 Wi-Fi for our guests Don’t stop being connected 24/7







24 Hours Security At Kau Patagonia we are concerned for you and your family’s or group’s safety.


Pedro Montt #161, Puerto Natales, PATAGONIA CHILE

Fono-Phone: +56 (61) 2414611